The 13th Anniversary of Erdemir Romania SRL’s Addition to Erdemir Group Was Celebrated.

A celebration was organized for the thirteenth anniversary of the takeover of Erdemir Romania SRL by Ereğli Demir ve Çelik Fabrikaları T.A.Ş on 28 January 2002 as a result of the privatization tender in Romania. The monthly production capacity of our plant, which produces Electrical Steel, one of the main inputs of electrical industry, will be increased from its current level of 5500-6000 tons to 10,000 tons/month in the second half of the year.

Our General Manager, Halil Melih Türkeş stated that investments had been completed for Modernization of the B1 Continuous Tempering Line and the coating line integrated to the line end, and that the production capacity would reach a level that ensured optimum production costs with commissioning of the line in March. Noting that the capacities of production lines could not complement each other previously and some lines working with a low capacity didn’t allow scale economy, Türkeş said that the two tempering lines would be able to work together at the end of the year after the necessary improvements were made in the current coating line. Türkeş explained that necessary improvements would thus be completed in all lines except for the pickling process, the most important issue in our plant, which would be completely modernized after completion of the planned pickling line investment. According to Türkeş, the plant will be able to market high-quality products for which demand is rising and development has been completed to a large extent, on a stable basis, and to meet all kinds of demands from our clients. Türkeş underlined that they had managed to secure a place in the market as an approved supplier of major, respected companies of the world, particularly in the highly competitive European markets, and that they instantly responded to all complaints, whether minor or major, related to our products or client practices, offering a solution that ensured 100% customer satisfaction.

Group Exports Director Adalat Kazımlı, who was visiting our facilities on the same date, said that he was very happy to share such a special day with the staff of Erdemir Romania. In his speech, Kazımlı noted that Erdemir would prove its quality in electrical steel, as in all other product categories, and would be able to overcome the price competition with capacity increases. Explaining that they started to manage the sales and marketing activities for electrical steel after Erdemir Romania had become a contract manufacturer of Erdemir Turkey, Kazımlı pointed out that they worked hard to establish themselves in the markets which they already had a presence in and to access new markets. Kazımlı also added that hot rolls from both Ereğli and İskenderun would start to be used in Romania, that they trusted in our product quality and that they had launched efforts to expand their client portfolio in order to be ready for a monthly sales capacity of 10,000 tons despite the recession in European markets.

General Manager Adviser Erdoğan Günay, who passed his position on to H. Melih Türkeş in January after having worked as General Manager for 4.5 years, thanked the management of Erdemir Romania and Group Exports Directorate, and said that he trusted that electrical steel and Erdemir Romania facilities would soon become an asset that added value to the Group. Pointing out that coordinated efforts of the plant and marketing team would lead to success, Günay added that Erdemir Romania facilities would achieve sustainable profitability once the improvements and cost-cutting measures started to yield results.

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