Erdemir-Ro Approach

The Sustainability Strategy of OYAK, which is based on the principle of “more value with fewer resources,” has also been adopted by Erdemir Romania as a group approach that aims to contribute to the continuity of a harmonious coexistence between man and nature by respecting today's and tomorrow's needs and acting responsibly for that purpose.

We conduct our operations with the awareness that the continuity of quality of life, welfare, economic competitive power, employment and the ecosystem depends on our shared natural capital.

Our Sustainability Targets

Steel is the most important engineering and building material of the modern world. Development would be impossible without steel, which is used in every area of our life. Steel will continue to play a major role in sustainable development in the next century.

At Erdemir Romania, we produce electrical steel, which is the most difficult type of steel to produce due to its metallurgical properties. We are proud to add this different, significant steel to OYAK’s product range.

We are addressing the energy industry, which is very sensitive to environmental legislation and efficiency criteria. The strict legislation and regulations which apply for companies with manufacturing activities within the EU force us to constantly renew our technology and improve our processes. We turn this challenge into an advantage and use it as an opportunity for continuous improvement and development.

Focusing on R&D efforts, we are trying to increase the weight of steel grades with low energy loss and high efficiency in our product range, and shaping our future in compliance with energy and efficiency regulations which are continuously improving in the EU.

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