The history of manufacturing electrical steel intended for the electrical engineering industry began in 1970, when the Romanian Government bought from the US Steel Company the license to manufacture this type of steel strips in Romania. In 1973, a consortium formed of Wellman – England, Demag – Germany and Asea – Sweden, together with the Romanian companies of that time, began the construction of an electrical steel strip plant at Targoviste as LBE (Laminorul de Benzi Electrotehnice), within the Special Steels Works of Targoviste.

Thus, in 1975 non-oriented grain electrical steel was put into service, and it was formed of one normalizing – sandblasting – pickling line, one Sendzimir rolling mill manufactured entirely by Demag – Germany, two heat treatment lines B1 and B2, one coating line and one cutting line.

In 1982 the production capacity grew due to the addition of a new reversible rolling mill, manufactured entirely by Voest Alpine – Austria, two vacuum furnaces made by Ebner – Austria, and due to the putting into service of a manufacturing line.

On 28 January 2002, COS Targoviste sold the Electrical Steel Strip Plant (LBE) to Erdemir of Turkey, a company with an international reputation, one of the largest industrial organizations in Turkey and amongst the largest steel companies in the world.

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